Why to use Baby Swimmer


1.)Baby Swimmer supports mental & physical development which

is important for your baby’s ability to move with control and act

with purpose on land.

2.)Building confidence in the water.

3.)Your baby is able to move freely in the water, unaffected by

gravity and develop a range of movements or just float lazily

and relax (sometimes fall asleep).

4.)Babies are very curious and love to explore. Baby Swimmer

help them  to explore their own body, grab their feet, kick

their legs, rotate from belly to back (which encourage them to

turn on their belly during tummy time).

5.)Parents can enjoy swimming with baby in the swimming pool.

6.)Parents can relax during bath time. No more holding your

baby in uncomfortable position. No more back pain.

7.)Babies are sleepier and hungrier after the bath.

Health benefits….


1.)Improves muscle tone. Builds neck, upper body, arm and leg

muscles with less stress on baby’s joints while they are having fun.

2.)Helps with earlier right/left brain development.

3.)Improve their balance and coordination, support their

ability to crawl and walk.

4.)Floating relieves constipation and digestion issues, eases

colic symptoms.

5.)Regular use benefit the cardiovascular system and improve

blood flow .

6.)Subtle water pressure on the chest can increase lung capacity

by strengthening intercostal muscles and the respiratory system.


We offer two sizes: Small- Designed for children who weigh between 3-12kg (From 4 weeks old) Large-Designed for children who weigh between 6-36kg 

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